Oyster Extract – New Research on Boosting Testosterone

One thing is for certain in the performance enhancing supplement industry and that’s the ongoing research done on ingredients. Manufacturers are consistently looking for ways to increase the effectiveness and purity of ingredients, often revisiting the extraction process in herbs. And of course there’s an abundance of new findings and ingredients.

An interesting ingredient I’d like to discuss is oyster extract. I found out about this supplement a few years back when I started promoting a testosterone booster, which I’ll get to towards the end here. At first glance, oyster extract doesn’t sound fancy or sexy. And you may think that you can just go eat a bunch of oysters. But I made some interesting discoveries as I furthered my research.

Throughout history, oysters have carried the reputation for increasing sex drive in both men and women. There’s an immediate effect of heightened senses and vigor when eating them. However, it may seem unrealistic to eat oystersdaily to capture the effects. And it’s known that ingredients that increase natural testosterone levels should be taken daily, consistently. This is why there are oyster extract supplements. Another point is the excessive water is removed during the extraction process.

The highlight of oyster extract is that it’s high in zinc. As we buy VigorNow know, zinc is known as a superpower nutrient for increasing testosterone as it’s used for men’s reproductive health. It also has a hefty serving of other vitamins, glycogen, and taurine. Along with the high nutritional value and testosterone boosting power, it’s known to have a positive effect on the liver, acting as a cleansing agent.

While there are several oyster extract supplements available, there aren’t many testosterone boosters that contain this ingredient as a blend. And I usually find if a supplement does contain a list of reputable ingredients it’s in a proprietary blend, which basically means you have no clue whether or not it’s effectively dosed. The purity of the extracts is another issue, which I talked about in my last published article, ‘Why Fat Burners Don’t Work.’

There’s an influx of testosterone boosters on the market. It’s important to keep up with current research as companies are finding ways to make ingredients more effective, and also stumbling on herbs and extracts that are proving to now be effective. But as I’ve stated, it’s often not just one element; it’s a combination of several that make testosterone boosters, and supplements in general effective. An example is a test booster I came across a couple of years ago which contains oyster extract as well as zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 (the old school ‘zma’ formula, which has been around for decades and has proven the test of time). These are the types of supplements to look for.

The take away is to do some further research on oyster extract. We live in the age of information and everything is available at our finger tips. Find a testosterone booster that contains an effective dose (I encourage you to look that up as well) and that also combines other similar ingredients.